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I just resently got bord...

2008-09-12 01:14:46 by yoshiAce

you know that feeling when you don't really think anything is insteresting becuase you have resently gave your mind to something dinferent than what you normaly do. and it makes you feel really bord about every thing?
Well I've been haveing that feeling lattey.

Phoenix Wright Attorney at LOL: Part 3 Cooming soon

2008-07-17 16:23:26 by yoshiAce

Thanks for giving me good reveiws for PWAAL(Phoenix Wright Attorney at LOL)part 1, I'm about to submentPWAALpart 2 I'm now just starting PWAAL part 3 based on "turnabout sisters"!
Hope your looking forward to it!!!

first flash

2008-07-16 00:34:03 by yoshiAce

I'm so excited, I've posted my first flash on to newgrounds!!! WOHOO YOSHI!!!!!!!!!!!!


2008-05-26 03:54:21 by yoshiAce